Principal Desk

Principal MESSAGE

“We can innovate, we can create, we can excel against all odd-tides and wind, your love, affection and care that’s all we need”.These lines to me define our today’s new generation. Students of Nutan Vidya Mandir, Dilshad Garden have innovated new ideas,created new concepts and done excellently well in almost every sphere of their educational endeavor over the span of 22 years of journey of education.
Time is changing and so is our society. The dynamic nature of the change therefore demands that all of us must keep ourselves up to date and compatible enough to coap–up all the changes and continue to march ahead to develop a better tomorrow.
Nature plays a very vital mentoring role in moulding us towards changes that occurs with time. I therefore firmly believe that if we all start loving nature, caring its diversified aura and adapting ourselves to the pace and rhythm of dynamic changes around us, we’ll surely keep building societies that offers a better place to live and to cherish each other’s wisdom. I hope with the continous powerful untiring support of our School Management and staff, Nutan Vidya Mandir, Dilshad Garden will surely keep adding values and learning skills to make everybody’s life more meaningful and enjoyable.